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Maria Constantatos, Ph.D. 

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The Process

Why Choose Mediation? 

Unresolved conflict causes people to distance themselves, misunderstand each other, and become rigid in their opposing views.  The mediation process begins by addressing the underlying issues that have caused parties to take opposing positions.  When these issues can be mutually understood, a tough dispute becomes easier to solve.  Many times disputing parties disagree on their desired “positions” but agree on underlying principles.  For example, divorcing parents may fight bitterly over a custody schedule, but readily agree that their children need the involvement of the other parent in their lives. 

 The process is as follows: 

  • The position of each party is presented.
  • Each position is explored for its underlying issues. 
  • We then ask the question:  how can this problem be solved so that both sides’ concerns are addressed?  
  • Proposals are brought forth in a noncritical atmosphere and presented to the opposing side. At this juncture the opposing parties may be comfortable meeting together to negotiate. However they are never forced to do so. 
  • In the next phase, negotiations are worked through to arrive at an agreement, and a Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA) is drafted and signed. 


Thus the process becomes one of collaboration, aimed at the mutual goal of finding a solution to the dispute. The mediator facilitates or manages the process but does not impose an agreement on the parties (as occurs in arbitration, where an arbitrator serves as a kind of judge).

The value of a mediated agreement is that you, the client, may decide the actual outcome. This tends to be more satisfying and sustainable. Mediation involves compromise, but also creativity and civility. At the end of the process a client should feel that they had control and choice. 

Note: The mediation process is not therapy, and no legal advice is given. A mediator is a neutral party facilitating a process of resolving disputes
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