Mediation Solutions
Maria Constantatos, Ph.D. 

 Collin County mediation services for family, civil, and business disputes.

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  McKinney, Allen, Plano Texas

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Welcome to Mediation Solutions 

At Mediation Solutions of Collin County, conflict resolution is guided by a belief in the fundamental human capacity to solve problems peacefully for the benefit of all parties concerned. 

Maria Constantatos Ph.D. has been a clinical psychologist, individual, family, and group therapist for over thirty years.  Mediation is a natural outgrowth of her work in conflict resolution and human growth.

Maria’s style of mediation is straightforward, solution-focused, respectful, inclusive, and efficient. As the daughter of Greek immigrants, saving time and money is a principal value.

“I approach every mediation expecting and believing resolution is achievable, and 90% of the time my expectations are fulfilled.” 

Mediation Solutions provides services for: 
  • Divorce mediation 
  • Custody arrangements 
  • Family estate division 
  • Family business disagreements
  • Civil disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Medical decisions
  • Prenuptial agreements 

“As a therapist I have seen many divorcing families whose intentions are to amicably separate, divide their assets, and share parenting, spin away from these goals into non-productive orbits.  It doesn't have to be that way.  The divorce process impacts the future functioning of the family for good or ill.  An amicable divorce is not only possible, but more efficient, less costly, and far better for the mental health of all, especially children.”      

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