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Maria Constantatos, Ph.D. 

 Collin County mediation services for family, civil, and business disputes.

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Common Questions 

How do I get started? 

The process begins with a phone conversation with each party to obtain essential information, set meeting time and place, answer questions, and discuss fees.  At that time we can discuss any questions or concerns you have about the mediation process.

Who is involved? 

In addition to the parties engaging in mediation, we can discuss who else would be useful
for you to have present to help facilitate the process.  Legal representation is welcome though not required.  You may want to ask your attorney to review the resulting agreement subsequent to the mediation, or you may be in contact by email or phone during the actual mediation. 

How much time is needed? 

Mediations are scheduled for half day (four hour) or full day (eight hour) sessions.  Lunch is provided for full day meetings.  A mediation is generally completed in a single day, but may be broken into a number of meetings over several days.

 Where do we meet? 

Mediations are held at three Collin County locations. Alternative meeting locations can be arranged but may involve a facility charge. 
 What is the cost? 

Half day session:  $400 per party    
Full day session:  $850 per party    

A non-refundable deposit of $150 per
party is required to establish a mediation.   

Additional hours are charged at a rate of $150 per hour.

 What is the result? 

A mediation is concluded by producing a Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA) that is signed by all parties. The agreement may be incorporated into a divorce settlement or other legal case filing that can be presented in court by an attorney or by the parties.

Note: The mediation process is not therapy, and no legal advice is given. A mediator is a neutral party facilitating a process of resolving disputes

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